Getting the Most Out of Promotional Products

Businesses use Promotional products as a way to gain exposure on a continuous basis. They are given away at trade shows, expositions, and conferences. Many are sent to loyal customers, and some are added into bags that are used for purchases. The wide range of available items makes promotional gifts cost-effective for any type and size of business. Large corporations, for example, may use coolers, tool boxes, or storage trunks as gifts, while a smaller company may decide on magnets, water bottles, or pens. The best way to get the most out of the products is to select ones that are relevant to the business and are going to be used often.

The more people use the promotion gift, the more exposure the business enjoys. A shopping tote bag, for example, can be taken anywhere, and is convenient for people to carry. They will use it to carry groceries, books, a laptop, or files in and out of the office. That means that hundreds of people will see the business name, logo, slogan, contact information, or website address. Coffee mugs and travel water bottles are other examples of items people will use on a daily basis. They will be seen at desks, in the park, at school, on the subway, and just about everywhere else. That amount of exposure cannot be underestimated, or even purchased. There is no other medium that can reach as many people for such a low price.

Most businesses send out promotional items during the fourth quarter of the year. Holidays are approaching, people are doing extra shopping, and more money is being spent that at other times of the year. It makes sense but can also mean gifts can get overlooked or lost in the shuffle. Consider providing gifts at different times of the year. The business will not have to compete for attention, and people are not quite so busy. Bottle or can cozies in the summer, for example, will get used and help the business make connections with customers. Compare companies that specialize in promotional items for pricing, turn around times, and services because they differ greatly. Some simply print the business name or logo on products. Others provide design services, create artwork, and help businesses select which products will have the most impact.